Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Years Song For The Broken-Hearted

for those whose situation does not yield for a cup of kindness here.
for those who will still wonder where their next meal will come from in 2016.

for those who have long given up on 2017 and 2018,
and the years beyond long long ago when you were deeply hurt.

for those who lost their jobs in 2015 and are tired of all the paperwork to complete
in order to receive benefits that are pathetically shrinking.

for the disabled, either short term or long-term,
mentally, physically, or in any way.

for those for whom holidays lost their meaning long long ago,
perhaps during childhood.
instead they shine a light on a shattered innocence and faded laughter and dreams.

for the lonely.

for all of you, I have been to many of your desolate places.

i wish you a spark of hope, some warmth for your heart,
and a silent prayer that despite all appearances,
you will know the simple but life-giving fact that you are loved and lovable.

a sincere happy new year 2015, my sisters and brothers
~ mark andrew nouwen

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