Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Question Period: Calm & Collected NDP Leader Shows True Leadership

If you are a Canadian such as myself, no doubt that you have heard of the current Senate scandal here. For those not in the know, a quick background. Canada has an unelected, unaccountable Senate which many would like to see abolished, including the main Opposition party, the New Democratic Party (the party I support). Recently it was discovered that Conservative Senator Mike Duffy wrongly claimed that his primary residence was in Prince Edward Island, when in fact he spends most of his time in Ontario. Also, he was found to be out campaigning for Conservative candidates in the last election while claiming the time as Senate expenses. Duffy was ordered to pay $90, 000 back. Apparently he didn't have this money at his disposal, so Prime Minister Stephen Harper's chief of staff Nigel Wright wrote him a cheque to cover it.

Today was the first time that Prime Minister Harper had to face questions in the Canadian House of Commons. When the New Democrats picked Thomas Mulcair to be their leader, many were watching out to see if "Angry Tom" would show up, as he was known for his fieriness. However, these people have been disappointed, as Mulcair has provided solid, steady leadership while almost always keeping his cool. 

Here are the questions that Mr. Mulcair posed to the Prime Minister today. He was calm, collected, and to the point, something that you don't often see in the House of Commons. I have never been prouder to be a New Democrat and to support my leader.