Wednesday, February 13, 2013

We Are Only Dust

by: John Van de Laar

When it comes down to it, God,
we are only dust -
fragile -
and we need your breath
to bring us to life.
But when we forget the God-imaged spirit
that lives in us and all people,
may our prayers open our eyes again.
When we hoard what we have
believing life is found in the things of dust,
may our giving and serving bring us indestructible wealth.
When we throw off restraint,
believing that freedom is license,
may our fasting liberate us from our appetites,
and teach us simplicity.
We are all dust, God,
from the strongest to the weakest,
the greatest to the least;
and we all need your breath
to give us life.
So, in every circumstance, every place,
every interaction, every decision,
may we choose only what will embrace and share life
with every spec of this created dust
that you love so dearly.