Monday, November 5, 2012

Hold Me Together: A Poem

Hold me together until your kingdom comes,
In and around me.
Today I feel broken, fragmented,
And I don't see the path ahead.
There is nothing I can hang on to,
No cavalry waiting to scoop me up.

To me, you are beyond any man, any book, 
Anything that any one has ever fully explained.
Still that does not make it hurt any less,
Here at this vacant café.

Sometimes it seems that you are dangling the carrot on a stick,
In front of me but never letting me taste.
Still I believe that the answers are out there, 
Or perhaps more accurately, in there.

Today I am not an advocate,
For anything or anyone.
I am just messed up, fucked up, and confused me.

Hold me together until your kingdom comes.

Mark Andrew Alward