Sunday, September 16, 2012

We'll Just Fit Well Together


Springsteen's latest album Wrecking Ball is blasting through my earphones and it takes me back briefly to when I was a little kid rocking out to Born In The U.S.A. The feeling passes and all that matters is that this is a kick-ass album.

I used to hear people say that there is one person out there who is perfect for you, and that someday they'll come along. I'm not so sure of that anymore after 34 years. Maybe it's because I haven't been watching as many rom/com's as usual lately. Maybe it's because I think I had a chance with that person and fucked it up. I don't know.

I'm a romantic at heart and it's something that I won't apologize for. The most romantic moment I've ever had came in college when I held my girlfriend on my couch for hours, not minutes, and we just looked into each other's eyes as the hours ticked by.

It's the small things that I miss. The brush of my hand against yours, my hands around your waist, stealing a kiss on the cheek. Having a coffee together and walking through the park and saying hi to the ducks. Cracking open a bottle of red. Your head on my shoulder.

I want to hear how your day went. I want to pull you back into bed when the alarm goes off.

For now I'm not thinking years ahead, as perhaps someone who is 34 should. I want to live in the present moment, I want to live with today. With you. I'll applaud your achievements, you might pretend to laugh at my jokes once in awhile.

I may have met you already; maybe I haven't.

Let's walk right now, take life as slowly as we can, and enjoy those glances, that touch, the stolen kisses.  

We'll just fit well together.

Mark Andrew Alward