Thursday, May 10, 2012

The God-Bearers

"Whenever someone adamantly claims to possess a particular virtue, it is almost a certainty he or she does not. Those who repeatedly emphasize their Christian faith often act most unchristian. Those who boast of their wisdom are usually foolish. People who speak of their fidelity are often snared in the web of unfaithfulness. Those who try to convince the rest of us they enjoy an exclusive relationship with God are often spiritually corrupt. This is to say that people who tell us they are God-bearers probably aren't.

Those who bear the Divine Presence will not have to point it out to the rest of us. We will see it in their conduct, in their humility, in their grace to others, in their compassion for the hurting, in their truth-telling that helps us grow, in their challenge to evil, in their courage in the face of abusive power, and in their yearning for justice."

~ Philip Gulley The Evolution of Faith (2012)