Thursday, April 19, 2012

Raymond Taavel Was Just 49 Years Old

Raymond Taavel

Raymond Taavel, a leading gay rights activist in Halifax, Nova Scotia, was beaten to death outside a club late Monday night after trying to intervene in a fight between two other men.  Raymond, just 49 years old, was former editor of Wayves Magazine, and a Co-Chair of Halifax Pride.  He was also the Assistant Circulation Manager for the magazines Shambhala Sun and Buddhadarma, as well as being involved with the New Democratic Party.  

In May 2010 he wrote in Wayves: "It’s tempting in this day and age of legislated liberties to think that a personal or collective vigilance is no longer required. It’s easy to lull ourselves into complacency, thinking there’s nothing more left to fight for, or nothing more to achieve. Fighting back comes in many forms: reaching out, building bridges, educating and, if need be, defending ourselves from physical harm.”

Today I pause with the hundreds who have gathered in downtown Halifax to remember the life of a vibrant leader in the community.  To read official statements from the Premier of Nova Scotia, Darrell Dexter, and other politicians, visit the Shambhala Sun website.