Monday, April 23, 2012

On Being Embraced By The Sky

"Sometimes it seems the sky takes me into itself - or rather reveals that I am already and always inside it, for the sky does eternally embrace everything. It holds the earth and all creatures within itself. I am always healed in such moments.

Sooner or later, I suspect, the sky could teach us everything. It is willing for that. It waits to be noticed, to be looked into. The apostle Paul is supposed to have said we live and move and have our being in God. If that's true, one might ask, how come God often seems so far away? Maybe it's something like the sky. The sky often seems distant, but it's always embracing us; it always has and always will. It not only holds us; it flows through us. We breathe it. It's in our blood, in every cell. And always we are soaring through its endless reaches, and forever we are a part of it and it a part of us. I can almost feel the sky waiting to be noticed, wanting to be appreciated, loving to be wondered at. It forms thousands of events to get our attention. It manifests a cloud right around us and we say 'it's foggy.' It showers us and we say 'it's raining.' And it storms."

~ Gerald G. May, "The Wisdom of Wilderness"