Friday, April 27, 2012

3 Great Truths

by Jim Rosemergy, "The Transcendent Life"

"For the person committed to living the humble life, a question naturally follows. How do I turn Godward? I have been trying to make contact with Spirit for quite some time. What do I do?

The answer is so simple, it is hardly believable to the human mind. Become prayerful and still and simply ask God, "Are You with me?" This human cry opens our souls and humbles us because it acknowledges that we feel alone and that we have reached that point in our spiritual unfoldment where only God can comfort our souls. From this simple question, will come to hear three messages God speaks to every human being who seeks the mystical oneness. God's answer will declare three truths:

I am with you always.
You are my beloved.
I do not condemn you.

You may never actually hear these specific words, but in ways that only spirit can convey, you will experience these three great truths. You will be lifted to the height of God's presence.