Friday, February 10, 2012

On Diversity, Inclusion, & Bishop John Shelby Spong

Today I am thankful for diversity and inclusion. And for whenever I can find a good steal at a used bookstore. Today in downtown Kitchener, I picked up an autobiography, Here I Stand: My Struggle For A Christianity Of Integrity, Love & Equality, by Bishop John Shelby Spong. I have read 2 of his many books - Why Christianity Must Change Or Die (1999), and A New Christianity For A New World (2002). It'll be quite exhilarating to hear of his faith journey and the encounters and obstacles he's met along the way. Here is some of the "fan mail" that Bishop Song has received:

"Your words are not just heresy, they are apostasy. Burning you at the stake would be too kind!" - Pittsburg, PA

"Your book was like manna from heaven - God-sent! I cannot adequately express my gratitude." - Richmond, VA

"Bishop Spong, you are full of shit. We are going to clean you up."

"Reading your book is like eating a delicious Black Forest cherry birthday cake. It has made me vulnerable while increasing my desire to worship." - British Columbia, Canada

...and my personal favourite:

"You rail against the Church's doctrines and core beliefs while you accept wages from her. Even whores appreciate their clients. You sir, have less integrity than a whore!" - Selma, Alabama

Interested in reading a book by someone who encourages some people and drives other people to threaten his very life?  I suggest the two books I mentioned above, and that are pictured below.

John Shelby Spong is now 80 years old. His most recent book is from 2011, entitled  Re-Claiming the Bible for a Non-Religious World.

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What does the Bishop think about a mariage between man and no-man (cat, dog) ?