Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Your Eyes, Your Smile, Your Hips: This Is My Holy Trinity

It was more than your eyes.

Often when a guy notices a woman, one of the first thing he notices is her eyes...that along with her décolletage and posterior...Well! We just do!

With you it was your eyes and your smile combined. There are people who just seem to enjoy being in their own skin, and you seemed like one of them.

And from there, a guy, at least like me, starts to notice other things.

Her cheeks, her nose. The way her blouse hangs perfectly on her shoulders.

I imagine eye contact between us at several points, but you were a fair distance away so I could have been mistaken.

But a guy can hope.

A friend recently remarked to me that "a guy's body is boring, but a woman's body, well that's another story." And as a guy, at least a straight guy, I have to agree. The grace of a woman's body and her curves as she moves is simply stunning. And it all seems so effortless.

You don't have to be in La Senza lingerie, you could just be checking the price of milk in the dairy section of the local grocery store.

I am astounded by women.

Your eyes, Your smile, Your hips. This is my Holy Trinity. I stand in absolute awe daily.