Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Living Instead Of Just Putting In Time

Why are we here if not to recognize our fellow humanity with the single mother, the unemployed father of four, the cashier who works 2 jobs and still has to use the food bank.

How can I change or shift my life to not feel sorry for them but to recognize our common need for love and a better way? Separation is clearly not working; far too many people are being left behind.

How does the fire, the light in people's eyes fade and almost completely disappear? I think we forget that even more than we are made of blood and water, bones and sinews, we have a heart of love that must be developed.

How do we do this? Self-help books, meditation and spirituality can all be helpful, but perhaps we must reach out from our personal isolation or comfort levels and connect with our fellow humankind. And secondly, start listening to our inner voice and begin actually doing what we are passionate about, even if others consider us crazy or if we have to walk a lonely road for a time.

Relationship. Passion. Finding what we were meant to do and doing it.

Living instead of just putting in time.

Mark Andrew Alward