Friday, June 3, 2011

Giving Up The Monk Outfit

Why is it that I have often thought that the way to spiritual and personal growth is to spend a vast amount of time alone? Has it been necessary to spend countless hours over the last, oh, 16 years contemplating life through spiritual books and journalling?

Part of this is natural, as I am a borderline introvert (see the Meyers-Briggs Personality Test). And I truly have enjoyed reading lots of inspirational books as well as writing.

But some of this has to do with isolating and thinking that for some reason I need to come to some big spiritual understanding before truly connecting with others.

And I'm done with it. Sure there will be times that I'll still enjoy my personal space and spiritual growth, but I am exhausted from reading and thinking and writing and thinking.

I'm ready to learn through touch, through physical closeness and intimacy. I think that one can experience a lot of true healing without a word being said; just from the touch of a hand, the caress of a kiss, by embracing someone that you are in love with.

This requires a kind of vulnerability which can be scary, but it is more than worth it. I was not meant to be alone, you were not meant to be alone. It might mean giving up some of your comfort zone, but the dividends are so fulfilling. To feel the warmth of someone laying beside you, to brush the hair back from their face as you look into their eyes.

A lot can be learned and a lot can be healed if I put down the book, put down the pen, and reach out.