Monday, May 9, 2011

There Are Days Like This

There has been talk of days when bliss reigned supreme, and if we reach back - way back - into the recesses of our mind we may be able to remember when those feelings touched our lives.

There are whispers of days when dreams came true and hearts were full and serenity washed over minds.

We traverse our towns and cities watching people live their happy lives, with their happy kids, their happy jobs and their happy wives.

We listen sadly as the family next door gathers happily with their children and grandchildren.

We nod and smile as our co-workers describe their 3-week cruise or their latest outing to the new place in town.

But for you and I there are days like this one.

Days like this one, where the fog is so thick that it engulfs each thought and every moment.

Days like this, when total peace seems more like theory than something achievable.

Days like this, when laughter is chased down and overcome by anxiety and lingering worry.

There are days like this when you see smiling people and wonder "How the hell does a person get to be that way?"

In times like this we are merely surviving, rather than living.

In these times all spiritual principles or religious beliefs seem to escape us, almost as if we had never learned them in the first place. All the right prayers, all the positivity, all the lessons learned, they are completely out the window.

Sadness has came like a tsunami and washed even God away it seems.

On days like this, all we can do is blurt out some raw words to the Universe and hope against hope that there will come an answer. And we remember that we have friends, if even one, that truly does love us deeply.

There will be happier times, I must and do believe this. I must believe that as long as there is life there are possibilities for happiness and fulfillment.

I must believe that one day I will be so overcome by love that the unshed tears will be replaced by visible tears of deep gratitude.

I must believe that my soul is ancient, that it is made of love and has a homing device drawing it back to love.

I must believe that our hearts desires can and will be met, and that the dreams that are in my heart and mind, however deeply buried, shall come to pass.

But there are also days like this, and I will take the time to feel, to be gritty and real, and if possibly, weep openly.

And I know that I am not alone.