Sunday, May 29, 2011

Living As God In This World

Yesterday I attended a workshop at my spiritual centre, Unity Kitchener, and was introduced to the book "Heart-Centered Metaphysics" by Paul Hasselbeck, a Unity leader and author. My friend Susan graciously let me borrow it overnight and when I was flipping through it last night I came across something interesting.

At one point Hasselbeck writes about stumbling blocks in our relationship with God. Something he said re-ignited a belief in me that has lay dormant for some time now. He writes that referring to ourselves as sons or daughters of God can actually be a stumbling block. Now, I grew up believing that there was primary Son of God, that being Jesus, but all those who believed in him were also sons and daughters, or children of God. Throughout the last few years, even as the beliefs of my origins have been fading in the rear-view mirror, I have still occasionally used the term "children of God." But it has been becoming more uncomfortable for me.

The reason that I kept using this term the last few years was because I believe so much of the spiritual life is about relationship. Indeed, I used to believe that there was literally a relationship within God (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) though I could never fully wrap my mind around that one - who could?

But now, while I still believe relationships are hugely vital in this life, so is oneness.

After personally doing away with the terms "children of God" or "sons and daughters of God," I began to use the term "expression of God." It seemed to bring humanity a little closer to God, and it was effective for a couple of years. But alongside the imagery of us being expressions of God came another thought that I've tried to keep buried for the most part since it first arose within my mind. The thought is this:

We are not children of God.

We are not sons and daughters of God.

We are not expressions of God.

We are God, in the flesh.

To my family within Unity as well as many others reading this, this may be nothing new or surprising. To others, it is blasphemous.

But I believe it, I've heard the inner voice telling it to me again, and it's about time that I follow it. Oneness. God is not someone separate from us who wants to be worshiped. God is being born into the world as us and wants to experience life!

Life is not about learning new beliefs in order to become better or more acceptable to an outside Being. Life is about remembering what we have forgotten! There is very short story that I heard quite awhile ago that I want to share with you:

A young couple had one little girl and a new baby. The little girl wanted to be left alone with the baby but the parents were afraid. They had heard of jealous children hitting new siblings, and they didn’t want the baby hurt.

“No, no,” they said. And, “Not yet.” And also: “Why do you want to be with him? What are you going to do?”

“Nothing, I just want to be alone with him.”

She begged for days. She was so insistent that the parents finally agreed. There was an intercom in the baby’s room. They decided that they could listen and if the baby cried, if the little girl hit the baby, they could rush into the room and snatch the infant up. So, the little girl went in, approached the crib. Alone. She came up to the newborn baby, and over the intercom they heard her whisper, “Tell me about God. I’m forgetting.”

Similarly, after service this morning at Unity Kitchener as my friends and I walked the pathway toward the parking lot, ahead of us was this little boy, around 2 years old. He was wandering all around, exploring, playing, picking dandelions. I turned to my friend and said, "Why do people have to grow up?"

How easily we forget our true divine nature.

What are the repercussions if, instead of being separate from God, we are God in the flesh? The first is incredible power. Jesus, who knew himself as God, demonstrated great power. But he didn't stop there. He then turned to his followers and said "You will do even greater things!" We, as God, have the power to do so many things and to heal so many diseases. The power truly is within! Unity teaches that we change our lives by changing our thought patterns. I completely agree.

Does it make me haughty or boastful to say "I am God?" Not at all. I can say "I am God" and still be a selfless, humble person.

Does "being God" mean that I have all the answers? No, of course not. That's why meditation, prayer, and relationships with others are vital, so i can increase my knowledge.

Living as God means saying goodbye to "never being good enough," and to always trying to be more acceptable.

Living as God also means taking responsibility for our world.

Living as God means seeing not just myself or those within my spiritual community, but ALL people as God.

Blessings to you today on your spiritual journey!

Mark Andrew

Suggested Reading - Living As God: Healing The Separation by P. Raymond Stewart