Friday, January 21, 2011

Loved One, I See You Here & Now

I see you right where you are on this cold cold night.

I see you now for all your dreams and all your fears.

I know you intimately for you were made in my image. We are of the same substance.

I need you to do your best to release your fears to me. Do it consciously; write them on a piece of paper and burn it if you need to.

Do you think I would have brought you this far just to abandon you? Never.

Your dreams, your ideas, and your talents are there for a reason. I have placed you in this Universe to play a specific part.

Are things looking uncertain, cloudy, unclear right now? For your own good I need you to trust in me. I will lead you, but first you need to take that step and trust.

Did you ever play that "trust" game in school where you had to close your eyes and fall backward, trusting that a classmate was going to catch you? Well, Loved One, I need to ask you an important question:

Do you actually believe that my arms are here to hold you? What's more, do you even believe anymore that I exist? Maybe you've been battered by the years and have become tired and jaded.

I am the quiet, still voice in yourself that is saying "Don't give up. I will lead you."

I have only the best in mind for you. The way you connect or access my best for you is by faith and imagination. If you are too tired to try, then I ask you to try to try.

I love you, Child, and I have the best in store for you.