Monday, January 10, 2011

I Choose To Believe...

Right now, right where I stand, I choose to believe...

- I believe that I live in an opulent, abundant Universe where there are more than enough blessings to fulfill and enrich each person's life.

- I believe that there is an intelligence which I call God or Spirit that is orchestrating the Universe. More than this, I believe that God is eagerly wanting to bless me with good gifts if I would only rely on Her and ask.

- I believe that when I ask God for what I need, I should not do so nonchalantly or half-expecting. I believe that God is goodness and abundance and that She wants to give me good things.

- I believe that as a child, or expression of God I inherit Love, Peace, Abundance, and Health among other things. When I am stressed or worried, I take a step back, breathe, and receive these good gifts that are readily available for me.

- I believe that I live in God when I live in Love, by loving the family and friends that God has placed in my life.

- I believe the Bible verse that says that all things work together for good for those that love God. Though things may look grim right now, I have faith that God will bring to completion what he started in me.

- I believe that I am unique and that I have talents and gifts that God has specifically placed in me, and if I am willing, God will use them for not only my personal fulfillment, but for the blessing of others.

- I choose to hope, I choose to be positive, I choose to expect the very best out of life instead of expecting the worst. God is my source, God is Life, and I live within God. As such, I am abundance, I am Love, I am Peace, and I am Health.

I align my mind with God within me now.