Friday, November 12, 2010

Touching Trees

When I am walking down the street and I simply take the time to stop for a minute and touch a tree, wondrous, magical things happen.

When I touch a tree I am connecting with something that is very old, perhaps older than me.

When I touch a tree I am coming into contact with something steady and stoic, which is comforting to me and my varying emotions. Though its branches may sway with the wind, its trunk never wavers.

When I touch a tree I feel at one with all of the nature around me.

When I touch a tree I often say "Hello brother," and it responds.

When I touch a tree I have a short but comforting conversation. I say "Hello" and it says, time and time again, "You are fine. Everything's going to be alright. You're on the right path."

When I touch a tree.

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