Saturday, November 27, 2010

An Irish Lyle Lovett, & Other Things

Blogging via Blackberry - who knew? This is a first.

it had been forever since I'd written a blog just about the goings on of my days, and now here is the 2nd in as many days; it's an epidemic!

I hope you are well today. Perhaps you're still snug in your bed on a chilly late fall day.

This is the first morning I've awakened to step out of my apartment building and find snow on the ground. Thank God for a warm coat and scarf. I bussed downtown, grabbed an Irish Cream coffee and banana nut muffin from Matter of Taste, and now am happily on my way to Toronto to see my best friend Ken. It's been several months since I've made the trip into the city.

What do you think the function of our imagination is? We all have one. Is it merely to drift away daydreaming? An escape from the humdrum of our everyday lives? Perhaps it can function that way sometimes. But I'm thinking that we can, by the power of intention, use it for something far more powerful. In imagining we become aware of our deepest dreams, whether that be in regards to careers, our futures, relationships. Often our truest and purest selves come out through our imaginations. Our imagination raises our consciousness to anothe level, we can almost feel our inner selves flying out of our bodies.

I think the trick is to lasso or coral our imagination and use it to actually create a better future for ourselves. This is far better than merely daydreaming. In this way the sister or brother of imagination comes into play - visualization. The things that we imagine and then consciously visualize in our minds are the things we will see come to pass in our lives. Caught in the humdrum of everyday life? Have your expectations of how happy your life could be dimmed? If we hold limiting, negative thoughts in our mind, we will most likely see a limiting negative future. Imagining a happy, fulfilled life? Visualize it, create a picture in your mind of what that will look like, and PERSIST, day in day out, and there is a very good shot you will see happiness and fulfillment. We have a very powerful tool at our disposal - our minds. We have the power to create our own lives each and every day - we are not merely bystanders in our own lives. I challenge myself, and you, to start using your imagination and visualizing what you want your future to look like. Think powerful, positive thoughts and see the results come flowing in. Let me use myself as an example. I seemingly have a few reasons to be down and out right now. I've been off work for months with health issues that I've battled for years. When I am ready to work again I don't know where that will be. Money is low as I've been off work. Christmas presents will have to be foregone this year. But how am I feeling? What is my outlook? It is one of thankfulness for the many gifts that I already DO have. I have family and friends who love me, I have an apartment and food, I am part of a vibrant spiritual community where I can learn and grow. And I love Christmas, for reasons that do not include gifts. It's a struggle some days, but I am using my imagination and my mind to visualize a more prosperous future for me. I have faith as I sit here on this bus that I will have that future.

Just a few words as the bus towards Toronto rolls on. Now it's off to sip some more Irish Cream and to listen to the King of Cool, Lyle Lovett.

Love to you,

Mark Andrew

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