Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lowering The Drawbridge To Your Heart

Love breaks us out of our shells. It asks us to take steps that sometimes we would rather not take, unfamiliar ones. Love calls us past the limitations that we have placed on ourselves or have let others place upon us. It bellows out, "Dance a new dance, sing a new song, take in new, deeper invigorating breaths. Living in Love can be awkward, unsure, and a little scary sometimes, but if we just have faith that there is a safety net underneath us, we can take a walk on Love's highwire, where there are new heights to be reached and new vista's to explore.

When you were very young, maybe events occurred that made you put a wall around your tiny beating heart. This was the natural thing to do for self-protection. But now, as adults, we can gently remove those walls because they now serve only to inhibit Love's reach. You can get glimpses of Love and passing feelings of it, but if the drawbridge is lowered and Love is fully let into your fortified castle, that's when abundant Life can flourish.