Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Every Heart Beats With The Same Life Force

"It is significant that past and current spiritual masters tell us that to know thy self is also to know God. However, this has been difficult for us to comprehend. How can it be that we are one and the same? And if we are, what does this really mean? This is what we are here to clarify: Who and What is the I Am?

Listen. I Am in the silence between these words and lines, and underneath the very air you breathe. What I Am and who you are, are the same. We share our essential Beingness. Every heart beats with the same life force. That is the miracle and mystery of life. Let us explore our essence so that we may come to the felt realization that who I truly am and who you truly are, are the same."

-P. Raymond Stewart, Living As God: Healing The Separation

It seems to me that there are 3 cries that we find ourselves expressing during our lives. To know God, to know others, to know ourselves. But all of these can come together if we believe that we are interconnected with everyone around us, and that we are inseparable from God. Living a spiritual life doesn't have to be about making efforts to bridge a chasm between us and God, because there isn't one. It's about realization; we are already one with God. And we are one with each man and woman, boy and girl that we come across during our travels. What does this mean? How could this change life? For one, it could stop the pleading that often takes place in our relationship with God. Rather than wondering where the Hell God is, He is right here, living and breathing through our body. This requires a self-acceptance, a loving oneself rather than degrading ourself, because truly we are temples of God. Seeing ourselves as interconnected with everyone around us, because they are God too, would mean that we could stop categorizing people or treating them harshly. When we love others, we love God. When we love ourselves, we love God.